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Essential Skincare Winter Tips
Just about everyone has the same concerns or complaints about their skin at the moment.
Yes.. Winter will do to that you!
Here are my top tips for keeping your skin happily hydrated throughout winter.


  1. Keep Hydrated: Even though we are more inclined to go for a Hot drinks like coffee or Tea in the cooler weather remember to also maintain your recommended 2 litres intake of water as well, Tea and coffee intake can cause dehydration of the skin and Hot drinks shouldn’t count towards fluid intake.


  1. Condition don’t Tone, avoid the astringent based toners and opt for a conditioning mist instead. If you find your skin in feeling tight and dry after you apply moisturiser or throughout the day, try Our Essentials Face Conditioner. My secret little tip is to spritz the face and leave moist then apply your Essentials Face moisturiser over the top, this allows for your moisturiser to penetrate the skin deeper leaving your skin more refreshed and hydrated. You can also apply a spritz of our Face Conditioner over the top of makeup to stay Hydrated all day long.


  1. Avoid ‘Lip Eczema’ which occurs from constantly licking dry chapped lips, remember to cleanse your lips while cleansing your face and give them a gentle exfoliation once a week also apply a natural unscented lip gloss regularly to avoid cracked lips.


  1. Avoid Dry Body and Hands by Using a fragrance free Hand Wash- our Essentials Body Wash is not only a super hydrating body wash but it doubles as a fantastic Hand Wash which nourishes  and protects your skin, leaving it silky smooth, add extra hydration and germ fighters by adding some Essential Oils like Doterra’s on guard or Yarrow Pom blends.


  1. Don’t over Exfoliate! Just because your skin may be peeling or flaky this does not mean you have to scrub or exfoliate harder to get rid of it, this can cause more damage to the skin if it is a little sensitive during winter. A gentle exfoliation once or twice a week is perfect for keeping the top layer of skin gently polished, if you notice extra dryness try applying a facial Oil like jojoba for added nourishment.


  1. Reduce the Heat, one of the top contributing factors to dehydrated skin is when we turn the heat up on the air con and in the shower, instantly we become dry and itchy as our skin tries to regulate. Never hold your face directly under the shower head, the heat is far to much for our delicate skin to cope with, try cupping water in your hands and splashing your face instead to remove cleanser, this simple tip reduces the heat of the water dramatically before it hits your face.



  1. Dry Itchy Skin, using soap products laced with Fragrance can trigger off many skin conditions, use non lathering products to help reduce your use of soap on the skin, look for products that are labelled fragrance free, as even ‘unscented’ products may contain fragrance. Lucky for you our entire range offers you fragrance free, Sulphate and Paraben Free products. Moisturising After every shower or Bath is a must to avoid dry skin this winter, try our Essentials Body Lotion for effective relief against dry itchy skin.


  1. Try sleeping on Silk, silk is less irritating and drying to your skin than cotton, make the switch and feel the difference. Also change your pillowcase often to reduce clogged pores from the build-up of sweat, saliva, face products and dead skin that our pillowcases cop nightly.


  1. Ditch the harsh cleansers, so many people inadvertently believe they have oily skin, in most causes this is incorrect and your skin is dehydrated and your body is producing more natural oils to try and combat the dryness, stop stripping the skin, and just nourish it and within a few weeks you will notice a huge difference in your oil production. Try Our Essentials Face Cleanser for a gentle moisturising cleanser.


  1. Customise your Skincare to suit your needs by using Essential Oils that promote extra Hydration and Nourishment of the Skin. Popular choices for you to add to your Essentials Skincare Range could be: Frankincense, Yarrow Pom, Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy, Helichrysum, Roman Chamomile, Jasmine, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose, Rosemary just to name a few. That’s the Beauty of Essential Skincare Co’s Products, you can use alone, or Customise with your essential oils *



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