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Our Story

Essential Skincare Co was designed to be versatile, simple effective skincare that suits the whole family, without the nasties.

Hi, I’m Hollie

Founder and owner of Essential Skincare Co.

I live in the beautiful Hunter Valley with my two sons Zander and Jayce. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a perfectionist with OCD tendencies and my best friends have been known to call me a germaphobe.

I’m passionate about quality skincare, I love a good wine and cheese night and I’m more than pleased to talk about my ever growing shoe collection.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing my experience and knowledge about skincare, health and wellbeing to help people change their lives for the better.

Working as a Beauty Therapist for 12 years, I had easy access to salon-only chemical-based skincare products.

I loved using them. So I did. I used the products so much that my use developed into overuse. Things went too far and my skin was traumatised.

I burnt my face off.

And managed to develop an ongoing skin condition that I had to try to resolve.

Ironically, I was the Beauty Therapist with bad skin.

After getting medical help, my doctors advised me to look closely at the chemicals I was using on my skin and the effects those chemicals can have.

This was the beginning of my journey. I was determined to discover the key elements that triggered skin conditions, eliminate the toxic load on my skin and to create a refined, simple skincare solution that works for all skin types.

So Essential Skincare Co was born.

I trialled lots of different ingredients and formulas. There was much research and it was a steep learning curve. I started in my kitchen but ended up working with a local skincare manufacturer who was keen to help.

After three and a half years of testing, I finally achieved my dream. I’d created a clean, simple fragrance-free skincare range suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. It was the product I needed and wanted to use on myself, my children and my clients who had troubled skin.

Soon after, I discovered essential oils and saw their amazing power when used in skincare. But I also found that adding essential oils to products that contained oils already or that were loaded with fragrance caused a reaction.

That’s when I had the idea of creating a clean base of luxury skincare. It gave people the option to customise their skincare with essential oils or to use it on its own. No-one needed to DIY the skincare part because I’d found a base that would work.

Creating a simplified skincare range meant that I could eliminate so many products from my bathroom cupboards.

Essential Skincare Co was designed to be versatile, simple effective skincare that suits the whole family, without the nasties.

And that’s exactly what we achieved.

I’d love to introduce you to our range and answer any questions you have.


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